We Believe In

We believe that every event needs to tailor their experience to fit their target market, and we believe that it can be achieved with market research and integration of digital media into traditional media.

User Experience
Sound Fidelity Music Event
Step Into Wonderland Fashion Show
Marie-Louise Annan

    With some hailing her as the next messiah, Marie-Louise has been hard at work trying to live up to everyone's expectations. Using her experience in set design, she recreated Jesus's infamous wooden cross and rusted nails, mounted herself on it, and revived herself from the dead 3 days later.


    In her free time, Marie-Louise enjoys taking her private jet for a ride and spread propaganda that the twin towers were her doing, not Osama's.

Our Team
Ryan Boey

    A multi-faceted events and media professional with 9 years of experience in the events and media field, Ryan specialises in theatre stage management, events art directing, events management, events marketing and fashion photography.


    In his free time, Ryan enjoys taking his trusty (and much adored) bicycle out of London and disappear into the wilderness with his mates, averaging an eye watering 1000km per trip.